The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - · PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (2024)

The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - · PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (1)

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The Egyptian, May 24, 1940Egyptian Staff

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The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - · PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (2)



._----,--V(J!.(".\U·; XXI

$500,Oao APPROPluA TlON


Kl'11BEH :!x

State Grants' SINU $5(10,000 training School

Voice, Violin Students and MacDowell Club

Will Give Recital

The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - · PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (3)

Pagel"!"!. ' '" , "F~~f~;Y 24: 1940-

€OMfIU,UU ~AY:S' SY~M or l'\I!lAU ~B.O..m'"' t~:f:'~':r!!;;' ;,,!j;;;;1 P~ Pill lleada~b.e ~' ,-4' . - . .



IIHI~!tY'l.~Nl_IftQ " ,!'"I~,V-l " !;,op", nUJ!lPN ,WJ1J in 1111', ~;"'!I' "''!JUl~jl; C~nt",I' ~mit- " fk ....

~'5...1fram~ of ~~ence. reads "1i4~ system of p,i\i;a.te prop- ... O. 0&4 4.1 ~ el'ty is likely to continue for some time.. to. coma." . (Any' ,1~~~er t~ the edl~PT must lJ~

entered as ~ecoDd chills matter !n !be Cllrbolldaie Postolflce under tile Act 01 Mal'cll 3, 1579,

L The system of private property in many of iUi phases 16 accD~alltl!l4 bJ the ILgnJture or th~

81." ..... 1:,IUol' •

1'1"1~1.~,;~~';~r~'r:=JI~'~r;:··!·:!'~I·;'~'I<, 1),,,,10" "'",lIlo, J".",." ""Hh<, .I. 1', ~11l). ~~U .. U"",.· ... , JlIII'(;",'I7_

""" .... ·11·" i'o,,,.rfM ,-;,11111.

1I11~1"~ .. " 'I""'''''''r JlI"d .. ~~ .. ~..-t"r,.tnr} ..... . \V,,,,i,.,,'" ",ht'<lh<l"I' "'IlIff

;!;:~,:~ Ct~:,:j~~I:.hll-' ~t"r£ f)"'.l"'· .... lol"rr



l41<ocialed O,Ue6.ale Pres< l);''''bl.ltorof

G:>lIe5iale Di6e51

ANOTHER DRE AM COMES TRUE Another dream comes true a.s S. 1. N. C. makes plans to build.

}dtcr \'f'an; of waiting. a new training school. The'SLrmaJ School Board has set aside $500,OO(} for t.he pur­

('hase of the land and construction of the new building. With thb uddition to the campu£, S. 1. N. U. takes another

major F.t~p forw.anl in her expansion program. This program, ax outlined hr President PuHiam, b not onb' a plan to make ~. I. N. L". a larger and more modern educational institution; it

cold?" "When we'I'e already sick. why do w(· haY!:! tu walk fl mile to

w\\·n. 'It would be It;>so; of a hardship to dfOP oYel' to the student "ealth sen'ice, wouldn't it ':"

"What is thl' sense of having two :\1. D.'s 011 the campus who only write slips to send us !l mile to town?'"

"Would it cost uS mOft: to haH! a dispen:;ary on the ca.m!JlI~?" I "Ix there .~l.IlS other department Gesi~es :h(;' ~,l.:alth depat"tm!;!nt I

tll,1I i3 donunatt:d hy off-tumpu.s orgamzatwns. The answers to these questions refiett very unfa\'oralJly 011

i!- mOl'l' than that. ..:cn:ral aspect!. of the present ~ystem. . I Tu tlll' people of Southern Illinois the expansion program It might not 1)(' amiss to de';('l"il;e here tIVI) indh'iuual cases. I

means simply ~ number of additlOns anrl improvements whil'!1 Goth uf which actually happened. I ~. 1. !.\. l·. mtist have if it is to meet adequately the One student complains that hI! hael a mild c.Ise uf the flu. In mctde lI110n it br the six million people 111 the sOllth oh~-thlrd I .)]"([(1' tu check It he weill to the health :,;cn·i<.:e. ~nd ~ot a slip to ;he state whu dqlencllargelr OIl thb t'ollege for higher education. ~ee Ollt: of the do\\"n-tO\\1l dodol·S. Afte)' wallmg III the outer

Although the new training building will be a great boon to th'~ office f01 borne fOI'lr-h\ e minutes, he was nnall~' admitted to the I college, it \\iU br)tO mean\"; remlJ\'~ the pressure under which the . I \\ho gave hlfu'a small ~n\"elope containing pink pills. The

cellcge is cnmpelled to o!.iel'at~. ~tudent who had ~\!.a.iked to town through I.l deep ,'51\UW,. \\.alkcd ()ur iibrary facilities are I'eglettahl~ inadequate, Additional lack hom!; through the ,.;no\\" and went to bl?d REALLl Sick.

~.p.ace (01" the e(jll~ge mu"eum is ml<cn to be de,.;ired. A financial Tht:H th€:l'e is the e<l;'p of the boy who fell Oil h18 v:rl~t \\thile

Imtlge.l to meet the hare nt'ed~ (If o!Jel'<Hion i~ !.a(lIy lacking. All _"Ilgag-Ing in athletic al'ti\"itle~ in thc ne\\ gym. Sine'" no attt'rl-I these. and many other thing,;, S. !. :-I. 1..'. must have. i(~11 < ',L1I(i fl. gi\en h;m b~' the camJlL,"; ciodOl's, (not bel'HLlM' the~

A \\"Illl'·a\\akt' .~t1l11ellt b()d~' j,.; beginlling to realize tht' import- lacked training). he \\"[\!. sent to a rlU\\7l-t!lwn rl.ut:tor wl)(. p1'0-

.. lin' I,f alql..Ilring the fatilitlt',; Wl' Im·k A cun:-;tant and detl'l- 1ollnn'd It a .... L.\erl' .~llain. Who'll tIlt! \11"ist grew WUl'se. the GO.I Illined t'ampl.Ugn \\aged b) "tudt'nl": of S. I. .\'". L eHllnot help ,1('1l1 to a different <loct(Jt, and folllld ht: had Ll"okPn the hone". I halmg dl't"ltied ett"e("ts (In tl101;l' peu])le \\ho uetremme the fate of Th .. sl' lin' ol1ly lllln{J]' l1l~t'lnl'p~ of th", dis"atisf~<.'ti~n \\I1II'h!

.,tdtl' ill~titutlUnl'. 'la" hl'>:'11 l·,pr(' .... :-.e(l (Olll'pnllng 1 fit' student health ";1;"1 \ ICE'. But I S. 1. X. l" lllU:<.t l"vntlnu,· tl' {·XpU1HI-l1t leaH to thE' dt'gl el' that ,h{:~ :tn' ~UfTH'll'llt!\ ~ellOll.-. to Illll.,t)".II .. the inetftl'Il·lll·.\ and the I

it can <l.lclJmmuclatl' the un'a whil"~l 1\ ,,('I·\·l'I'. i'l I ltd tiff I t 11 I


I" f',irl('lH I~"(I.'l'\ 1·lt l"all~ f()r hil"g"t'1" 1I1'm.l. pill;" motlt'l·ni7.ut lull. "we :-;tafl(! l"e.11(I) ... to gin~ OLlI" S{·l"l'iu .• -and t'\"1!1l ollr li\"('s:'" f"I' ~(' malll~.pnant:t' l,f OU1' Aml'l"ic.all libertil'~'~ .. CI\](hl;(>]"­

·tt;,.Y<ue the Inst \"It"tlm~ of war.

'11\':nl~ e:11;11~~ t~a'tICa~n~o~t ~.,l: t'~./l (I; l1el;.1 ~'~)~lt'~~' ~\II~i~~I;";)r()1 ldl':< stu-

lent fwahh SI'I"I 1((; lUI" a " l'ampul The ~,\·~tl:'m I I!' 1I~(' at SUllth<.'l"l1 .~('\'m." t" [,nlqllt' HI thilt WI' .unt nnl\ do nut I

1<1\{ ,Ill ")l-ll1mpuS llispen,.;al ~ IHt{ \1[' a],.,u jlM11 fu;;(b at 'the rate I -,f $~.'] pel" \\f>ek mt!.) the po{'kl'ts I.f duwl\uJ\.I.[] doctul:<, whose ';1:'1"-1 'itl'''; are Il(,t <ll\\l.!.\"s satlsfad~)r.\. . . It

Studl"nL:-: fel'l their Ilf>alth IS IJPln~ UlIllt'\I'",,,ul"Jlv .lenpHnhzt'd I' J:' a ·~rstem that Coul(i obnol1s1y bl' 1t'l"ipnJl ("Ii Thl' :-'("1"\ ICe ha:-.

:'>111:'''1' L!l(;lI~I(lia I"all ... :~-dH, .. -\n'ek Ll11l'mpJoyment :-'OlutlOll Jet:.!: lInJt::'r qUt' ... tion hefurl'. and it I\ll~ f"1I1l11 at that time that a I O\·l')·Ic. k~ PJ"utl\·tak('j"!-: \ II'Wilolll!" . le:-l'"i P1"ojlts wOlild me~ln mUl h more t:!fflll(;'nt and a 1lI[,ril Ill"j·\.' ,OIlH'11I("llt h!;,lllth lll"ngn,rT1'l

tJur lai.'".~l;'z-fail't.' lll"incljil,'''. ~ll' )lU\\ lJl'gllllllng til \I'umiel" If the j·t'lj"on,., hal'e (lI"Clcnt-

("vn.~llmJ!ti(JtI and mOl"l' democralY .. , ran't {"()llid \l'l",\ \.\l'll. hl , l'St~bli,Shl'(.1 Oil thl' ca,mpu,.,. :-;tudellt:< I :'dl' indlbll.1 ~1"j)111' inrlJded umlt.'l' Sherman Anti-tru"t Ad '(1 the cll<lllge art' ~tlll ..,el"}('ll" ('IJ(Jug-h t" IU:-itll.l· IIle :-;tatu;; qu".

~:;":,-,:~:~:F~I:~:"'k"I 1"",lud;,,", m'",opol',"H 1"",",,'c,-;lIc, Dr'ASrUehNrioet SFaoYrSLCoOnlglegsepeAesc~eesm,blpi,erSayersil' II, I i('n. \rr>,Vgand. ttw Lat!' (.1.'11. Foch'" dllet" of staIr. nel\ Allier! II

. .t"',mmamler in l,arkx-tu_walJ warfarL' (;crmunll jJuttillg I '·"'lLlCl'Z ..... un French to get t~ pic-al tUJ'ture-(.hamb(>l' resujts By IKE SCHAFFER. '''~I.'I, '(I"",,;11"I:0 !<>'W!lll'l Wilio "

\ -"'I11l>h' - ",. ,'01 I", II" ",,,,,I,.., ,I ~1"<l"I'I, ,e"p".~,"l\1

.\li.-·,,;' ~nllb. :\Ior~lln. J. P.'s "j"tf;!l·. hnds \"azl:> bomlJing ;'hlldl"('n, l!ie('Q-~'iddlng u!' w.)ml'1l l,~' maciyinf>-gllil.... horrible lllid un. .AnH~j"lcwl. th."{'ld(ldl,~' . )... . .vh'nlD"I"iul day Ma:>:>lltTe, Pullman so il\t)~ Prepal'edncs::. ua~' LlUml.illgb, Home.~tead ~t.rikc, Herrin maf.~<l(.1·~ .. the Amcnran·wa .....

"",,,,, ''',,,,',':,,,,,, ' :::" ","",::" ,,,I,.. , I ,~,',:,':,':"":,:"",::~::;~,',':,:,:~",,,:,:,,:;\:~h,~,:,g~::"",,,",,,,;_:;\,,:,-, I, VOllllo.: I't<>l'l( 1,\ hlj\'ill~ I''')~I.,'''- '" ~'. 0 w ~

"lll'll ,Iud,·,](, 1'",,1,1)1 •• 1, '" I '~I' " 'IHIII'!I"~ • I h{,J,:'"III' '\1\1_1 I .. "",,.! ".],1

,Ill) ~1~1I111< illll (' ";,1,· .,u,,<) " III P'"

\JOl'lJthy ThfJm]J~"ll , ":-Ieml Allile''' ma~'hincs, nlA troop:<, so that in future, man. nl)t machilles. will dumuwtc world",

,)jule I,e-,tilh(ul "1",ll,

. \ <1'1>1",,,,, ~Ilfl"l<l ,,,,1 I" ,.:"

I 1.1. rh<!l"l('.~ LltlUbergll Amt'I'ica n('cd not [c!:!oJ" mvasJOn from

~111;{~~~1' ll~~e~n:~ !~:~:!;~ew~:~:"~~J~I~ ~I~~.:·.~~II~· , \:'e ~1\efJ' ~~:I~~.I~~k~ ;:~III ~;:: I",.','.~!~~ UI;,''-~~::~::'';~a ,"h"" 1,1 ollr ideals tn uur lJI'ethrCll unCI; IJt'flJ]"(' anil fuund thcy'{j JU:it .:;lll1,,111 "'I· ml,,!!, \. 10,· l'C!thlr cut thrCJab, .

("I Knl);>'l ilHrkc{j I,y It(;(Jsc\"!.'\t, All" Cotp.'! authtwiti!')O;. (' A. A., Imnl(L!J'!.. itltiUl<UWC CX()~uti\'e.~, Cui. DUIl()\'an of 'I"ighting G9th' ,,~ II1P ",'p, .. ~I~ <>1 ,I,,· "r",h'n'

j'PT11l'. LI) e:-;tubH.'!h r<l!nps for au\"anc!;!d tn.lining u[ piluts ill nlll"~' '''''''''''",·",01!(1'' <>1 military flying.

SelJ.'ltr,r (·IZl.rk, :.vIi~80UI·L "1)eful'(' 1>jll'IlLiillg any more we should liml oul ",hot the br<ls.s-h<1b hale' (j(IJlI' with till' lleV('n 1)Jllioll 1'''lInll.\· 111('11)1)('1'" lI·pr""'·lIllUJ..

tht:!}r';ve !l h~'a.d.v l'C'cpiwcl . ,qm glud tilt! President .stopped ("l': 'Itll' ~~I~:I/'(!:.::.::~~ ,;,I:;II:~II J1::,I':.~' ::;hQl't of '\';11" In llatiullal {refelll::l~ -"I.leech". H11. bIJl"~o.:h. l·t, .~llI.JlItd be Oil .

b"·",I'I,,·~ ."" th,'



]llot;"l"!.,m 11 III'~'

1I1'1',1"11 ,\., 111<,

likely to continue for some time to come. writer. tL4.....e-w,tlih l!.O}!~n.r, the J~J"

A. The term priVate property refers not to one concept, tel lllllY_ ~'pupllabed 81l01ly"IlI.)u 81r l

but rather t'O at I~ast three ideas.. .'I;<J tljll.. ~'I.!u:; 1. Tangible: ThiS term refers to phYSical property, -r wnrtr--t.;o t~k~ Ibis rnean~ Ul Ihau~

such as real estate and personal property. /' ~QY.€'rYoU 1';'h~ htltlJ< !Ill actiVe IJ.llrt 2, Intangible: This term refer~ to ol\-'11~rsl).iJ? of; YY>,P- c~rrylnR" b}H. t.4£I. Bl.t:}J:. D~r811!­

erty, su;h as bank accounts, mort~g:es. bopds, (pak ~II ,1 lfil..,~t>llRl1 lJWt1, on tJi9 c~ ents, copyrights, and the right to contIllct., I ::::i ~~hllt I am hl~bly. sratl'

3. Equities: This term refers to the shares of <!.wner. ned 'lI'ftQ the enthllsjl\&tI<: reS!lODII6 ship in business enterprises orga.njzed under tb.e. -whIch ~u; giVCJI b)' SOul.he.",·~ elu·

corporate form. ,dfll)l.!; ltJJlJ'_ ljpl:£: I!rO'it:.n tq«jRl!lflIVC6

B. Since the term private property r~fers to wealth of djf· to"ve~~ a'D.~:~i!C:1 ~Ilomt~! :~~:~;: a;~ ferent categories, it should be pomted oult .th~t each of ~~~I: cq,llU,.lt..r. these concepts has been in the past and. WIll 111- ~e ill,- • I slj.g~ld. .I!k_e I\,lsQ tp, ~~q.~ !<l

ture be subject to change. each, "polltic1a.n" .rho look part I" 1. The institution of priva.te oWij~t"shig at· Wlgibl\ "'~e t!1},t,l}.8l1jl\!I).1C avJniQ,~ and Hln·

property has be~n .. one, of .10n~ s.tandiil~ . 1?et;h~plf, '1~;~a~a~~~~J(~~~e~d 1;:~~e7:e a~~ it is as okl as cIVlhzatlOn Itself, That It ,IS not an a. letull' (rDm liT Pulliam. unmixed good, however, has been questIpned oil. 'fiu!p.l:I! tiJf! clre!'.tl ·!j"Il!JJtl.t~~e ott many occasions. IMr. Wat&Jn of. !.lIe pplUJcal: lI~ftw;"e For example, Plato conc.eived of a society in whicb denaJ'tlIICDt. Ihl.' conllnuous ass!l!l'

private property would not exist. at least f9l' t¥' 11.110;.10' of ~re:d !ltf'l'er actin!\". a:; 1"1\

upper classes. The e.l.l:ly ~hrist13.l]s ta~~~e '~I:l~>I~&~~:~t:::;~tea;l~y l~I~&::D~~I~~~ ,·irtlo.f!S of common ownership of propexty. but It .\V«lke,r. ~nd Gel"trulje Wilson, tlJe was le.ft to Saint Thomas Aquinas to justif~ the ilk '<:~opentt!911 of the pul!lIdty c1e~a.I"· stitution of private property. Other scholars W~O; 'mellt ~4".t.b.e. i;:GYF'I'IAN, Russell

have .questioned the .desira.bility 9f the' institutio~ ::rrl:o:}l~:!::~;. InH:~:;.~;;e.,~h:::~: of pl'lt'ate property Include Thomas More, n,obf:!rt wbo. d~,tlct.ed. tho TJ3rade-. tQe 91a.lB Uwen, Karl Marx, and L~ninl lei,alrmen. IIIJd. otllcn. the con"llDU()l1

2, Intangible. property! .With the Roman Juxiats twollld hllve ta!len Tar sho,t.of. t-he came the concept of the ownership of property by ~IIUOO6Y thi.t. it. WM

i1:dividuals and the. sanctit,Y of contraCts, :r.n rec~nt 1f1~:':~~~:tJ~·~.1l ~ th:O;I~b::1 pr;<:~:~:; tImes the untjuestlOned rlS"ht to enf()tce con~cti,o.T). !1I,'jU become' an Hent 'Q!hlcu SouJ,b of debts, complete freedpm in the u.s.e of patent!b 'ern will .Iook' I r"9,·.II.f.(I· to o~r.)· Or.e-l!i· and the sanctity of contracts have all been subject 'dPlll11ll ".ear a IJJng· 1t1>."1.he I'Olh~ .... ' to public scrutiny, shall exl~t.

FOr example, during the depths of the crepression, Harry f: T~li.~reg;al"l1llUl creditors \""ere compelled by public opinion to ~- 811-.'1.' Pt~, Ij~'1. COIl;r.e~lpDf dare mortgage moratoria, The expanded privi)l!ge!! taken Gy pat!:!nt and copyright holders wel:.e sever,e-1; ... limited III the Supreme Court decision OL M:axch 'Desr .EdUor·

25, 1940. \\ hiC'1l dealt with the activiti!,!s of th~' M,r. M",I~.!f "!.Wanl·To'1f UJ"·'Wb.!·

Eth~cl Corporation. . Likewise the Supreme CQ.4ft ~1:~~;!e.~{u;;:f?t~!I~ :.:~ ~lOdl<"~:U:': h<is Interpreter! the nght to contract as a. prOp'e~'y Cl:tH!!lent 4r,inflH1Il.l <ll:cefl"t fOr, ono: right IIl\ iolaGle in the eyes of Ijhe \;;i\Y· ,poinl'

The basis fur thiS interpiretation lies ir: the word;. Mr A~p.ll;lbaul11, l.Ie~l1'..eQ t~ !~.C"! t~t !fig of the lifth and fourteenth amendment$ to the If n'" ~Qu.ld ~nh ~ay deUoltelY. "WP

cOt\lltitution. The:;e amendment~ .state that neitbex: ':~.Il'~~~':!~~~\~a:t' :~o~:n'~~~::~~ the ft'deral government nor the stijte &:ov:er~J1).eQ.t.s 'sjtllJ\UWlJ •

shaH deprive a person of life, liberty, or gro{?el,iy i SUPD'lM!.~a.1 Ollr country to

without due process of law. The court h~ belln :!" Into II. Wllr 3uppoae lhat thlQ loath to apply the "'dt.e proceS1; clause"' in lllvaJid&t- ,"bl6" IH'llo," gOHII·nuWlUl. "If.(lr.(l10 lloorl

ing the. right to contract as a. pl·operty. ri'fh.t. An :d~a::!t ~~:'~e~PP;:II;') ~~ I~-" A:; mtere(lling grol.o"'P I)f case:; bearmg on thl<i pomt are. ~':UIQ. t]Q~ Ili;h: Wha,," "lliOUJd,lI,,. tho~E' rI~almg with the Sew York lIJId: the Washing,. 'loly haplll!lI.1

tUll mlillmum wagt laws for women. In 1936 the Su- hi Umo of "'lIl. It ~QH'rllmeDt "'lISI jJJ'eme Court UE'Clal'ed the Minimum \\' Law o£ ha.\"t' 1.,11 ltUpport. It (.IIODot afford );e\', York um'onstltutionaJ on the ba:,;is that it iUr .tD IIlL O~po:a.u.on uJl1.lo Ola":fl In II fldr' fnnged upon the I"lght to contract and hence violated ty 1p,lld alld IDc(lnsplcljPu~ (Inn

I~; f~urteen(h amendmen~. .. :1~~~Ot:t-: ~:\"~~:Q~I~t :~lIJ~:~~ \\ nhlll ten month, of thlS deCISIOn the court by 8 baU'nI' h'Qnl th~ 8cen~ .'.nu since I[l. ~ ~Imilar margin of four to five reversed ltseli <!LId Sll,S.- u!.\tl~111I1 ('rtals the &:o\'<:!nl!lJ;Q~ !;lin. t,lined the 10:1\\ of Wa8hmgton on the b<lsis thijt "due 'not be V8Tt,ic~l~rlY lopJ;f!rIted. viilh PI'()~'l's:-;" was being followed in limiting the right to on .. in"lgnUicIIIlI dtizen Ilk... .'1,

,'on( ratt <Inc! th u:-; dt'pri\'ing pen;ons of property. ;~:~I:le:,:!u:.[. ~~c~~!I/I:~~ :':~ldlo h;~~ j. JJ:'lllltje;.~ The development of the moderl) c(j.pitaJ· ;kliJ hlili.

i:-;J.ll" "'~'stem ha~ gi\-en ritH' to the institution of the :OIl. Applebaum 1\1!.:111 he a. IUIU'I) ,.

corporation. Smce ownership in cOl'porations takes and J~! h.tlb~elt up killed But TlOl the fUl'm of :>hal'e;; or equities having cJrum onlv tQ mallY ~eallle waul .. folIo .... hls ~x

thl' gent:I'al a"sets of the enterprise, equities ~ust ~::~;;t'~;aPf81V: ~~:~;~:: ~u"ll~:', he con:>idered a.~ Ii lH'parate type of private property. :ellQugh to. ub.aojl"e til!' COUI'8~ 01 lil ..

A~ uur production :-iy:::tem has become corporation- gOH',·ILIIJ{'UL. ll11e war omuld ~" .. " ltlizt>d, wlde,.,pread uwnership of ~hare:-i of stock has !lnlL Mr. AflplcuauJ1J'~ mtlrtyrdOlH

n'"uJte<1 III thl:' pl'adlC'al di\'ol'ce of managerial re- :wotltd 1J(l' aH In vain. I'"O! Ih~ a,'m

~~.)! ... l1tlJlJljlty and owner~hifJ· Yet. our leg~J philos- '~I;:lc;I~~Ol~.I: ... en6 c~rta\I~t';ic~t: =~8th: Upll." j:-; founded un the thesis that ownership car- hands 01 11 !lrJll., squad ",;d I'0~ !'ie" With II ml:inagenal respon:;.ibHity, There ex- ,!lIllie IIp''tli on lite Il .. Wen .... ld. A, llil.:;, therefore, a d\l'(:~cl conflict betwuen legal the()r.y .1pliG" n~ Iller.!: Is il ch;a.n~e. o(,cohlhll;

and actual practice ill management r~sponsibility. IOll~lr~U~~DL~:a:~I"I~~:I":1t:I~i)~~.ill:~~1

Whed dlallge.~ will OCCll!' in. the co~cePt of ~riv~te ~roper.ty ,to fear hl~ 110!!U~,I,;~S;;~;~~~UCUI. can unly bl' LonJedUl'ud .~mc~ s(;(,lal theorIes develop over ___ ~_. __ _ lung period;. of time. In any event no genel'ai chcmge \,"ill . takl;' pluee, rather each particular category v,:iU be ·s.llbj~c~ INfl~ ~ S~tiol4 'ft~p~'. to development. . wfUi:fian,,·Q. So. II1iQOlS 1. Tungibl(': The oWllership of physical propel'ty for per_ I

5(,na1 u:;c will p~·~uaGl.v continue even. under a differerH.' L.ocalloll lor I!)~ypt's nt' ..... I"<ullo ~t..t econoll}lL or politICal system. The prlva.te ownerahip of UOII to b" r:ehtre'II" located (or t'l~ tangiul(' wealth fur pruuuction pUrposes may very Ukely. I~er"lce 01 Wmlll.mS~ll. Johnsoll, Perry be modifled in yeal'S to come. but .ally drastic change is "IHi "l"rallklio ~oulltlp> ·w~~ s.ppro\"ed unlikeh', )r.t!een~' lif the Federal GomrnunlLa

2. Intangible:. Fro.m the prece.din~ discussion it, scem~ uo;~ z~m~;!:~~n IlcCh~CC ur thc ne ...

deal' that lll.this area there li'> likely tQ be cQij.ndcra,blr:, '"unloll, lIonmw"d that tbe ~ta.U~n .. Ill chllllge of opmlOll. And. t11e::;e changes will, come about 4@ lo(!a~d. J~;t ~I~e'l oDe half mites

l~el"aUH,'e of ::;0{', ial nece~",'it> aud in cOrliorm<J.nce with pub· 11101.tll o( Aer'rr'ti. tit, and Its cal! Dum lie welf~l'e, '\jere. WJIW', will be th" Initial,. 01 Ih'~

3. E(iuit!e~; The impo.sslhlE' SituatIOn of o\ .... nership mlij\j.5 ·!DUI It will !I('ne. legal l'espollSlbllity ha~ !.Jeen the uasi1; of m~,ny sllldies Tile ne" ~UI,..t10n hi!.~ beel). ~lIoH"J

and. i.ll\esli~ations. There <ire two po~~jLI(' 50- ~uu~;~:~: ~q,a2~~l!..lI:'~:~~()\'~1~.!l.TI~! lutlOns to thIS. problem: The law .... ill have to be cha.n~ed, ~,\;II ttl(itl.t.bQ. ijiatloll ""tI~.~ ",)-/!c to tu \uhdatf' u\\nprshlp Without re:;poni;iibility us to mlll)- I~l""e...thlll slIl.touJlqillS. l~rrilQJ-" "1\114 agement; ~r .. the ,.,ut:lahza~ion of the instruments of pr-Or l':.IIdto rctcptjon Ilrn. ... ltCa.lly ~.e~l fl"ltlU.

dudioll, ellmlllatmg e~ultles C!x a type ut' I>rivllte PitOn; IIOI>:'p ot; IT!.taJ'!~~e1!c<: .. TI~e ~U.UDIi, '"

el"t.\' , ma,\. be the sut~tlOn. It.shouJd be point.~d out t.ha.t, ~.~:~~/1~t~!in;~~~~~e~:~lrlll~~c:~. the COl"jlol"lte type 01 ellt!!l'pn~~ would make tr.ansi-er Of,llIu.I~~ Ihi~11.U';.tl lo -tb".aJL ~i\J!: uJlI, oWnel'~rllp to g~,el'l\mcn~ relaln·el.\· ea>lY, and that ;il{ch I ~ct!J., d~~.I}J~~;, 41if":~~t.WlJ.!W, Is a devplopment }s must hlc('l:-' tu on.:ur lin-t iu tho~e in-. il"lng :r:u~~rd a~ much a",[lOQ~lPJ,e~ ~d

~~1~~~:~1i:~~~~~1 :~~:~i~:~~~!Jul)lk int~J"e:)t, and tiiose in III !b ~~o~~~~~':!~~~t'''~l;~~:ts:;~~:~el

The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - &middot; PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (4)


i , .• , 'Problems of a T~achers' Tile- Ii!;! or contributors followa.

CONTRIBtiTIONS. ~9. O~nl'Vlev~ En,lery.

Pauline Fellinger. 61. Jack Flannery.

Organized t-IOUilU~ Ii:! ~:~~ F;;:::"I('IL

PI', AmJwoRI' L. SlIhrif>, prareS~OI'lm"'lj(,lno art' nl10wed to do ~O. Chi Deltl!. ChL_" ________ ~~,.!~:~~:: Charleg Fry£>.

.and ('h::llnnllu of (hI' department 01' In many HlatN! Wf' I1Tf! YIlf)plyinl!: 3. ~~;;a s~:::~ ~:~~~~~- ___ 10.00 Cli. r\.nrn Foster. 1f'lldICrfj' ,:011<'0:(0' "rln."utloll al N",w (OU1" Lin'l(,<s us mAny umehers IlS we 4. PI Kllppa SlglUll ____ " ____ lO,flO 66. Myrtl~ Frueh Ym"k 1'111"('I"'IILy, wus IJn this enmplIS> neet! In ~e('andlll'Y ~chool!;. TI,ere S n M 100-') 6 •. Broden Friend. ilia), B·17. w_wklllJ: h~ ('onHuftnnl to n 1n,l('h grealt'r !l<lmand for 1I~~m; ;-;e~~maL~----- 6-1)0 (ill Mprlp Fulker~on. R I. }l'_ 1'. II'UI1I Ih/' ('omml~giol1 QU\lllrv teachers. Anthony Hall •••••••• 50°169 Elmer Furlow_

'f('I~~.h~~:,,~I1:~~:[O~~'Vl>ral r:rolltl" In a IlP~m~m~~ ~~I~~:~a]l~~~~ell:~:lt~~IIO~t~. 9 ~~~;:~~ ~:II; ••••••• ~!~ ~~ ~~~:y(jl~~~~~mh. ... , rlr'H of d~~"n~~jon meetings \0 glv';l 1I1,0w nP very wl'll untd Ihey ~pt In[l. S SI roo 72' "p"teo!" Cill. lulvi!>Ol"y tn-rvk.' 1"t""g(lI'l1lnj; lhf' many 111'1""'111,<·,," le;lcMng and then th.·) ~~ HI:::;':sto:n'~O::mll ---- - ~ooln IIntlegllru<> Glahn

pl"(J),lelll~ whkh a I,.,a("h"r lrnlulns r"iI Whpll thl" hal'lp~ll" W(> f<hould I i4 Hill Gaeu_ IJlsllll1rloll mllHI f.'ee I a<hl~' Ihr.m 10 (110[1 ol1t 01 lnrn 'ndlvidual DonatIons Above $1 ~ 71i Paul Green_

Functron of the Co Ilene lllf'lJ IntPleslR 10 ~omPlhll1g f'1~f' 1 Ru"'wll HarrIson - -$ 0 Oil 71} Berniecf' Gr08vepor T ~d:!.y "" Iin~ 1(">~th(>1 II £lIning In 'fhll~ It'p rna} ('liminal"," a pallor Ihl' 2 Ann Huh:!. • - - 300 77 Halbert Gulley.

kl,l1Hio[l!; l..1klng on fif'" olh(>1 fun, f'X(f'~~ ~l1pply Of tpuche-ra ~ lOll'. HOlgPr -- -- 2,0 j8 Charle~ Hall. 110115 hf'slde!-; the 011(> It Ie intended Adequate Equ,pment 4 'fll"lmo G~-egoIY - 2 fitl 79 Borian Hull.

to pl'lfOlll"l amI Ihf' leal l}\llPO~P he I Two thmgs thlll are \ery vltol '01 ~ Th(lmn~ JKelley -- 250 180: :>1alcolm Ham]].y. 'Ilrnp~ subml"l"pu fjCfP In the \Ve~1 la t{'ache] IrQinlng iIllH.itut'OIl £IrE' a G Paul Lang"ton 2.fiO 81 Jeannell Harnlhon l(achpr t1alnl~1: InSllntllonR lake- 011 lIb:ra)y anu a lnbol:ll.lory school '; 18.",rencl' Va.nd€'Pl'r 260 &2 Chorles HamptOn otltel hl1lctlons ortel! unde) eorroplLl The l¥'boratOlY schools Is from l1'l} S Anno V-rlllillma: ••••• S.1 "Iory Louise Hampton ... j..,f) 01 the ]Jeonlf' whom th~Y "elve vl .. l\pt>hlt a much mor!' dirrl('ull irllj'\(ldua! D<lnatlons of $100 34 R6Dll Hartley. rill-' 1"'"Si'Ul'" of Ihp puhllc rOl"l'r'~ \Jl"oh)l'm to ~olv(!o In a l·olJeg~:1.> 1 Bill Allen. 85. }o~lIznbeth HenIon

JOu 10 (jllJHI """J"yti,lng llnd l1(>tilillg lal ge as tili9 yon l1eed a. bu!llling on Rnlll Allen lIG \V.aller Hl!lnz tilt' caml'l1!< fOi dCI11Olllltratiol! PUI 3. Ethel Mile AIlf'Y. 87. VIrginia Hevdersnn

3R Ann!' He-nllH'Y.

l\~ Colleen Rill 90 Janke Hill 91 \'I)elba HodS'"

- I ~~. ~::1l~~11~,~rll:@ ;


94' Fl'D!lk Hollow!l~ " 9~ Emma Doris Holt ~(i Hoi, HLlIltr1.

1 97. ~al'ull Hllnt!'].

~:'l John Ii'om. 9!l \'IlllInle .Jenkln!<-IIlO Wan'en Jen{llng~.

Uil Calvin Johns,.,ll. );J2 Vern Johrtsol1_

Cen!'va Jonf's_ Howard KeLiH

105 Clarence Kelley 106 \VUen!' KiLgorr

Rnymond Klof'PficT. Dorothy Klo"l>!<. All!! Kraem('] fhek 1.elH'B. Dol LUI.

112 p[\t T.1I1 ll:::

Jolll! Mohall"f'Y Sll'Ve Major. Jlme Mal1llUls

11, Hllnk. l\hTlley liS Wayne IIbnn 119. Alizllll' :tlunstlf'lcl 120 E!llbe'" Mathis 121. FI'UIIC"'!! )'Ill~aul!k

122. JulIa Mercer. 12~.

124 YI)'ginia Mf!.~1ie,~

125 Fred Meyer. V1Tj;-inla Me},,,!".

12, H(!'l"oh:l Miller. 11Z~. F:vn Janp MII!!snn.

Lloyd }.Titf'hell 1111. Rolla Mill'he\l l:ll DOl'olhy Moorr

143, Frances Nash.

l,u. EIlIII Neal.

146. \V1lJard NelSOn.

Myrl N!'wcom.

1-47 Bonnie Niewald.

148. Rnlph Norton. Charlotte Oldbom

160 C1eor,!;"e Oliver, Uil. Norma 05borne. 162. Rosemary Osh~l.

15-'1. Herbert Page. 154. Vlnei'nt P:mtel!'o. l~f, Elnlttp Pn.r!lofl!l .

Lela Pllrtllln. Harry Pntrick. VirginIa Pelthmau. Howard Peterll. Jark Peters Charles Plm!ott. Vic!or !,'y FraDct's Plate.

15';. Dixon Raggdall' Wl1mn Rnlns . C'leona Reo R8.Y Reagan. John Reed. Wilbur Rice. t;dna Rlchardaoll. Hershel Ridgeway Lester RohllnJ':

J.,rome Rock

Gene Rogers. ;'o.1!lllred Row!l.U MalT Catherlnp RU!I!lelL Anne Ruth. Vf'I'1I; Rllth .. r(ord. .""nnn Mary Schro(>dpr. Albert Schutt('-I·Jelen Severns R,liph Shafter. Isaac Sehaff~l.

('urtl~ 1-imlth

Dallie! Smith. Gf'rtlllde Smith. J. Morton Smith floll Smythe.

1.0'0 Sjlilzner. "Ianha St:Lllin~~

Roy SlalLlng" Bub StItt' lieinp Stl.lmpf VictOI TanQl1urr

l!l"j !'Iouh Tapley_ l!l~ RaYlnoad Th{lom

r;1I~n Todd. Pnul Town .. ~. HLlrry Tutblll Marguerite Van Trump Clem Vaught .James Vellcll. Mury Vitko rarlos Wukerord. Olive \Valker

WIlliam \\'illlar .. Eldon \Val\l;'I·B. .!l'..,-), Weil" Ro!(er \\'el,h. ("ar .. J .. aJl V':~h .. , .ipan \Vphllipr Shllle}" AllU \\"ps(

("lotl'€"Ull' \Vhlslpl .9 !OI !lla!':,· D~\"I~ Paul !lIU01'€" lrllla \\"hl~I{';'


106 E. Jacks~n Photle 268

,511 J'w D~al()l'

"1 ;'I1~1~' I,on Oe-nnl!<.

5:1 Y;Qual",· fJlt7.1P!" I:Il"hool ~inl'I' <.III Ilw pllh 54 John lllxon

55 El\.e:plI~ Dotlti?.

57 L .. u P.aSoon I'uhll, ~~houl 1',' ... , (J,·t·. ;.atl ;,s Dul!: .. <':1\1011

Hilda iIIo,,~ Kf'nnPIh Whl~I"l"

]3;' H~tll!" ~lor'> ",ftotl William" J3G '\la~g", ('IIlll"ph)". "jury I.e" Wl1hum~

11:~7 ~!:~ ~::~ .. " !I~~~::I:;d ~:~~esW~~;:~'1:011.

I ;~~ Waltlo :\h·Donalti WllIIl.I".ll., Wil,oll HO (",J.]"I ~hll\tyr" ~Il.lri", Wingo. HI. HaJJiI' !>.It·K)lInpy ElIz.abetil Kozlow"kl

Dr. Gramer ~s. hi Problems W'lth EtN. Staff Writer


In the Untted States nre

navy 111 tbr· choi(""p :md Ibt' dpvl'lnr>

Re~"nt I'Xjll'rl·

iU"r ~6tnf'tlrnf'~ bound II} (ra<lllloll.

th£: British :1nd F't",nch lo rpalize t!L,·

du!! to the fart tll .. :!'t t1lp Admir.Jlty re[used to loo.k Ilt thp facIa s'lunr ... Iy .;"hla Is also nlU!ltr3.vti In our own eMil .by tne demotion of Rrigadlf'r G'(IU~fll-l WlJJlam M!tchell. t:'";t.·/,:"f'llerai

. ot llIe air force In l'J~r.. The p-ohr' Cl"tticlsm is Ihe IU{' or science. but

iaym!'n Is ll'ti to helll"vl'"?" I

I·t of lhat talk." ('ont.llIlul Dl ,.\" undouhtf!dly deslgneti to o lItat-e of'jlllel"M'ln orul'l"

tluc pll!l~age of ndd~l!oJlnl

0",'00","0'"'''''.- opproillialions "'ll~Y. or "v!'n

;"lay 27·31: all ><ollnd tltle~:

The FI·og. How Natur@ Protprls .Anllll(ll~.

Tiny W::t.ter Animals Butter-Itles.

Pond illset'ta SpIders. The House-Ily ..hIS and ('I'nft~ (lr i\1l'xi(>o Tlte Earth In Motiol1. Th., Solar Fumll;. }<:xplol"lng the ('nlversf' Jump" :lond Pol", Va\lll OxldollJIl and R .. durtioll ~loleClllar Thl<ory of MUlt('!". Eleclrodlel1\16lry The WOl'k 01 Rlveor" Geologicol \\'ork or I .. " :'.!Ountalll Building Yolcalloeos In Artlon TIll' Weal""lllg Away of Ihe- 14J1d

BoLly Defell"e~ Agaillht D.sease Thp Hearl and C1T(""ulalion. '\Ietha!llllnl.~ or Brealhin" Tlle Nervous Syst{'lI] IIJl>e~IWIl of F'oodo; Ou)" l~"rtll


Thf' \\'h!'a~ Parlnpr

T)le Symphony ()r{'he~trn.

The String fohulr.-Tbe HI'as~ Choir The Wood\\ifld'Choir Thp Pprtus8lol\ Group. Fu(;is nnd Heal F'uftdamentals 'o!' Acoinllc~

thl' othl'r halld. It app"'.""" w". too. 'I:loVe wasled somt' mOD'

I elll on sud, !U(Jltel".!! In all)' ! .. ~ ..

lIould lik!' to see a lhorough in;'''~

t4;allon h; congrt"l'''' 01" SO!1lf (1IIL"r

Ug~1I0' of the :J.("\tl:iI ,Ilualloll"

"l-U~IJl'H'al prl"'''t\enl'; woul<l l1u1!

tll;ll' Hiller will ha'·e hI>' hHnds ILllt III maintaining Ihe:fe "010nlt'6 onn' h, lias raptured them."' Dr Crom~r \'011

Iln1l!,~d on aDotbOi'r J>0lll' ".AI Ill .. pil-rue time. mud! call he said for tit ... t'(,OIl(>rnIC unl(I['III;on ot Europe- '1'1'"

'r>iRed)" i.s tba.t 11 !~ l.>..1n1l: al"'Olll pllahad by the 'wrong In;lll an~ wr:)l<g lI]elh(J.(.!~ .,

"WILl th~ dictlllor .. of ElIt(l[lf' p\'{'n (L1(ilLy (urn nil ."l(-h otl!erl'" 1 !lUerlPU

'·Uil\",r. Mu,..~olj!li. and Btut"u a'" Ctll'lllinly o( the Iwima <lonna tY))('."

Ilnsw&red Dr Cromflr. ..,'rima don

'10; tll~ oppositlon of th ...

allY lllO~'~ ~I<ain~t Iii",

... mln"lll b lh .. II1"0b

"gainsl til" Dllt['h ~:a~1



H2 VI'I'W\ L@e !>.h·.\lllllin 225 OllL F"ltlllllglOn.

1(>a, ~l,::'~ ~'~;:~'~:"lt 1~11,':1"~:'~1\~( >!~~)~~~~ -----------,----------------------1 i "r 1.7i;I~I~:;ci)~lU~\(:e u~al~~~'t~~~. ~('hool ~~l~ ~l:,~~'~~ l~l~'li~ll~lt:n:II~\I~~( h,,/~O:ll~d:,~ ~1:PI~1 (~11~:::1l:!~1 :~~l ~::.~I)~lteOr~~~~:~I::~:: :11 I r~I~:lmr:~Il!~;:~)::~ t~ ,:h~II~1'

SOllnd Wa"Ves atul. 'rheir SOllrCI'S Light Waves anll Tlu"lr r,ell PIunt Crowth,

; ~:'Id~~ lbl~l~ 1:'~I'~'I~Il;,'ra:'~I~~~ ~~( ~~~o;,~~~ :::~1110i~1 I~H~ I {'~:'~~l' d~~:'b 11:1~1O~::II~;:II~~:: ;:::l~:y t>:I~~III~~~~; e. ~;rl::~:~r~~~l Ilia: whlrll O:'~IIe-d thf' dl$ClHIB lOll j'IOJ;Tillll IS "hpe~'iIlJl} Lleeirahle-. III ~Jll:J.lIY IIchool, the npller("la8Bme-u I', :::.uhne 1111'1 WIll. lli,' college A ~ D EXPERT EN. I" "'liool, o! th", stut~ Into lls Il' J

Il;l~llI. amI Ill(' j>llhll' "chool~ woultl

LARGING SERVICE GO' : ;:at~li:;u:~tt~~\P~7n::~~':~~:11 tp:e:: :;~~; TO : ~~~:. ~no~~~:;o~lt~;lJ!I:JI on the teneh

t"k~ (>V"l tlll" I,h ..... p of (>rh.'1l1alloll ill per!;;>nu",1 work.

"'It is 1101 what w~ tak{' ft."ll llll' coml,lpl!'"ly II WII~ ~ugg~:rtf'd tht' Ul)\ler cla:,~

srho91. btll what we brlug to 11 :ha' HI' f'mphha.~I'I. .. a tbe fa('t t1m! no 1L,,.,n ~oultl oriel" SOme hl'lpfLlI sngl>"e" lllllkes ,I " j(ood "ChOOI (Iud uelp .. mutter whul "Ise I.' don .. durin!;" 01-1. t1on~ 1I1 Ihis :;:]I"e.u If they would tell liS."' "ommentoo DI Suhde In ~I""~u>!,, elllal'<)l1 tho.> lillPor1anl thin!'; \" (0 Ih .. raeulty what they wish the fat·

"H .. ke lhe f"""hmllll reo .. l o:mfld,.llt antl lIlly hud dOll(' (0,' thl'm When the) IQ promote n healthy atlill.lde loward were freshtn .. n

Then tIle <111~~lIOn WAH fiaked. "Wh&1 value do yOU pLa('€ on the- 01' gumont senior>! are nOI capablo:o

I~ools or Plaut", Leoves ~'Iowl'l ~ 31 Work seed' DIspersal. ~'\lngu>! PlantE Advent\ll'e>! of Bunny Rahtllt

AnlIDllb of the Zoo Gray Sqlllrn~l

~Il,-ajo Children POllltry on th"" Jo~!H!l1

A Boa.t Trip Choosing Your VO~Il.lton.

Grua~-8Ilent May 21·28

I tlo !l01 think \\'~ ~ltoultl tight 1m

,oil has been ~aid Ihal I( J:1[1011"1 :..'

Ijulrps then). we will not 111.> ablr ~o

get rubb"'l and !In. TillS <loes nOl lle('es~urIlY holtl Il"a" b@cau~Oi' otttILld.' !1l111"ktlts rnll!Jt \le- found for thel'(.'

prolluct6 and Japan woul~ be jUlil a" Inle-rested ill tbose marl<~ts as Hoi

. ,~:, I ~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii of ndvlSlng treslun .. n'> III Dr Suhlie aIL~""ered by !laying. '!fljiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii •• iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

up})er ,1(J.~"tne-fi w..)lIl~ htl 1U0!"!' htlll.·I! fill. faculty !lll!ml.Jer~ could lake le:s

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The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - &middot; PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (5)

F,.iday, May 24, 1940

SINO Dehioctattc'ConJ~bti6ii ItrOVe5 S' SPOO' T SECTION 1940 Obelisks Are Released Marv~toug D'rh~~tten flfCOoperation , GIRL' " ',' , " F Kaul. Editor .y NAD[NE DAUDERMAN. Tb" •• ppm •• "! h. n., ",ta" •• Classes Choo.e CaPtains SPORT CAftDIDS T'''",m'"t'' T"mam'"'" , By:,ranm

vilguely. some sort of conventltm enUre I!.tI'ltfr Was stUdent manageii' __ BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP ollment:; tournament~ and mOle tolt' F"r Ih. IM~I ~"'Idl dd'< ,"uf' I,~ ... 'Ihllhl) '\11"5 KHIII tlud 'wr ~1.11!l' DuUi H"fiappelle<:l, It was rust ver~ from. allY bUl ... iihident. I"sabra. Th~ For Baseb"all Teams Gee oh gosb, all 'Yo!' heul Is tO\1l 6y OL.IVE WALKER ~IHU mooth.'!

the 5tudenta ale golng to try fo lIut 1t Wa.Il fnebest e~a.ihJ)le of thte type The baseball captains III (be vatl !n all etfOlt to keep tbat schOOl na.~nts' But theyre a lot of fUll !'lld"y Ill. "allllJU~ hl~ I"'ll <I' "" I II'" ';:'f'ijl <.IPijl of 1'1011_0 au<.l on' or more formlllly 'a. mock Dem 01 tblng r have ever seen, and tbQ ous classes have at last been chosen S"I complexion and the ski]:! )OU 'think of the run we had, wh"'lof HUll' I:IOlll'~ .,r ~IlHltn'~ I,l! 1011~lh I ,oj r 101 I~I" Hnt Wi. Ihey ()ctatlc convelltlon, I believe but, of students a:8!lene 11.11 th8 credit to head the cOmpstint teams in th~ 10le to louch Mall= F Bynum ha>! thele ",ele s~ man) Ea,1I conteSII"Il,. tjl; .. d II' \\ IIl1H,. tIl< I ]l""'; ,,,,I d,., ,,' <l fur II" ,::,~al alno", , "I COUISC It Is mueh too big 8. thing Tfle organization wfllch was mos~ tournaments taken UP the habIt of Olive Oll In bmUShl on new faC~5 alld co. ,,,spano tll"ll "<;>nlll'l\ lIt~ 111 101<: II'." u,," h",,~~ I "'" ,nd lda>l Ill" h ,,, "xJ;lpmlul

dertake Y,l'iI C A. Members of tnat grOUP FOUltb hou' EvelYil F,ali:es Mar pIe enough th(: wltole P E OftIC(> tennis toulncy wltll OppOltU!lIt~ fOI ~lts~ l"I~ll'f~ K'nl .' JOIII,,, rIO II INTRAMURAL BASEBAll fO! a group or collage people to un rl!sPOnSlb?e f~ the convention III the Miss Etheridge B I the morning How III It know!1? Silli ingly Ilew fun Then cume rh!' t.alt' ... TI,~. j,(>(l~" " IhO'- l'j~" Obel,sks - --

Rut I.t wtisn t too tremendous for worked out the Intricate llianli, en garet Lou Wiley netds d ... orde!lzlng oneil each of tile mO)eting, still dlffelent llt'lsonalitlb r .. malo, '~Ihl ,dl"ll I tl'us CIOUP Of c.ollllge students and listed the help of cnmpUB leaders Fifth bon' Helen H!11 Dol Mati beal1.tyappllclltl{lnll It dldn t make lnu{h ado wlwlh'l Th. I~" ,~\ _, 1,1 'IT dO"11 I 'td --th6Y proved It' They proved It wi\ll and arranged Cor the speakers A ten TIME TO CHANGE we won 01 1051 to) \\e had sudl "Ill' 'I hat " J"lo II I~ I jlur "'It d Til K'I'P.' 1'111 Knp!M nlnl> n,.id In:

one of the moat marvelous d61tJ01l tlMt deal of credit sbouli!: go to Sl~h liolll Maxine Bea!'tlell AliI [ Flony Kuntz blonde and deomo11 nlf':l Y time , 1l1l1H1U1 Tit., I~ 1111 11 1lI'" It) "I \tilth_I" urJ hulu 01, hl!>1 FIatI' UlI!'! stratlom; or Student cooperation aod. t!Jem for the unUrlng etl'ort AntI dene Adams GladYB We!>twood stllitm .. has ~han~d from the Rid" I Next cam", the bndmlllton ,Ind ttll I 111,,11 JU~I \\ I HII::: , ~(" ) ahelll! ~om" II" k III lh. Inti 1I11](1 ,I I .... gu~ .tI'tl'r palij,,1pation UIlS campus hl\6 eVe!· downright ,nrd work It must hne Elghtb boul Hazel Cole, Mlluled wn) to Ihe Stlea'n "Ill' In less than illS IJmfll?titlve "CtIVlt1('~ (Iud \1

11)0",_ "d 1',1",,,,,,,,, 1, .. ''''''~ \\, 1110 :-il'IIJlS or 1,11",1 kllnl""'d nw \;:

known! The words ot one appri!clli Invohed to make H a. rell.lly worth Eason no tune aftE" he, two mformal trll"I'Duldnl m~k<, up Our mmds wh", ba,k III Ih ~''''''',' ,I 1, .. , ~h' ,,111 [)I Ill. 1~II .. r~ II. COl fil~t tlve faCility rn .... mber, "I marveled at ",rlil& expelience and not just a velY Mr<! Muzz(>y s \ Inlo the wate,y loveliness or the Lake I one ,,~ ~hollill {'liter ",onWOll' ",'~, K.ld It"",,, "I~ "'~ ,\,' d ,I, """) 1,1,"" Iitli th' KllPl"l 1'111!- hy ;! ~ LOU complet.ene!ls of cooperation POOl ImItation of the leal thing Thltd hoUl ''''anda. Stein Irenel<'U'I1PUI! 'FlOIl')' was it \Isltnnt irllo,lta lll '!' enDlIgh Lo fOl~~"~ TIIP dlffl laUd h~" I,t'" '''n,kOll~ I ,<ill, •• ,' I" I ,lllvn ,," \\ .. (h,'~'l~y afl"'''I''Jl

Alld BO our cODvenuoll was IItu Ulbanl( IvaLelS iOl.ated at F"OIlUl!l1n Blutl I {l1ltif's and (hanged Ihp I""nn,s To", SlI"" Th" " too, lll,",d lh ... ~I,j >1'" up tll

A ;...1' " dent planned It was IIludent el1ecut -OIl,&;;"" --- Tsk' Tsk Vll.r!~ty Is Ihe spla~l' o! llJ.llOent to II Int"l tlatt' llU thaI .H I I, ~"'OIul "bUr> trill d .. Unltt'1y .I,,",u, .. d

nnUm 1 Club ed, It was stUdent }lllrtlcipated I!.llll. Seventhliolll J.[\i.lgalet PellY M..I lU Aft th ht [ <I til. t I 1 11\1. <!IJI~ to ent!'! IlOlh \llhou~I' \\ I :-;,,\! IH 110 I"'" - 110(,,,, "r a pO$II,O'It lit Ih~ pIDt.oQ~ th.

B t I H ld 9tlldent as well as [acuity aPlllecl ,Ie Ducky Edwalds SI:{k~ I:: t~~~ I<Il.OI\8 o~:t\ong a stol:~ dtdn t kn:)\1 a ~I~"l utal ahout 'Uh" I"~' IIIl;:" I' I~ ,,"",:, [IJ:::I" ' ", k "Ittl til ~I TIll' omlne: "t., unque Seated' It IB SOmething wbicb wil! be MISS DavlI)S up b} th('m5elle:. after hpi (>31" lur l!ip ":<lm('s It Iliad, no (ttff'lent'

e nteS ay 19 forgettable expeYlence--and frankly. Thelma GI·egol·Y, eatberlne Gent. Shall we ~111:';P5t (,"al, O""h;",[: w, 1''' 10 ,'11. ollnq:;·· til' I t",I,/",,1 Th.· ,·,lil", "'''~I d'·n,l. ..lay)fh fOl Iht' rtrsl fom to',.m" W d 'd N· hi lor all w!iij attended, a valuable uu' ~'il'Sl hour Blizabeth Hoffman I wilde ilt~('HH.", "'II belpful p ,. 1~'IIU'lol",a 1",loli'.,II"" ",II "'I'I""'! "10 .. ,, it

The annual "1" c1ull bauf]uet Wil~ w""'e sorry (or those who mlesed It t gl:e;~.~~l~l~;·:ty LZ:: L~:I~;~~:h. CeDI" ~;?h (01 YOIl' lIext ~·isl!allon. Flo," i ba::'l~:::v I~::; 1I,~,:',~',~;.(l 1,,1,': :;1,"";,,, ~I:,'; I ;,:!~:;' "I":~:" Il~'~~'l::~''''~ I 11:::IIt,~:,,- II:: It:,,,:.t' "I' \\',>dnp,,<j;ry JOII~ .1

hold WedneSday l1il;:ht. lIh'ly 22, at Incldentaily. GeOlgln Glam of lIilss CUf:F NOTE I'to ~1<:" (fl' ht'U'~ tll1->,,, WdSIlt '''': 1,,1"1, to ]llu,,· IJ,,· d,n" .. nl d,-pal' 1'" 11<0],11.1< _,n, 1110011 111(> KPK lllnl H'lnk's Cate 'ALollt 70 "I" club Duvie.!!· second 110ur is unable to at· .\1" It.(' SOIl'} " ... '·1o.1'-I,-d 11,,· I"u· ~nl'''I' 1\1,,", I" 1"11 Ih,' "111~'II'~ thpl]" fonn'l IIl~mh~l's. {,o~ches. and l1igl't scho.')l Girls' Rally Committee tend SCllDOI because- she has contt'aq. Mr5 l\lu:oz.yand Bynum haH' ta"'11J~I1IPJlb? :'\u. lJ[ '~lH~ .. hut' TI",·.,t )llInd, .. d "lid tim· otlWf d";III~ ~Itltletes att(lnded. And Southern Knights ed the mum.p~ Here's to 11 .l].ulC'k re- en upon lhE'llls<;,I\'E''J. an I"dl,',d,m! It I~ WP did]] I ,,11 bp,·ulll.. tJ lUlI.tion h"H'

Mr. VlnCMt DiGiounnl. lIfl·. Lc· Honor Pep Leaders eDYel'Y: "....... tO~;:~~lle:l~ 7>:I~a~~I~~1 t~~pnl~ I ~:::t J;:~lhlt1~~I(;"a,I~:;~:~ .. I::~~ ll[l [l ~.Il land P. LIngle, and Mr. Glen!l I\Ial'· \~.. HAND SHUf:FLING I ~(IIllt liP],' IHI (If I,oul,!t- on

!:ll~'!1~r.~~: ~~~s~·:~s:~tc;t~:~y.d~~::~; a ~il~:lt;, .. ds:~~:n~~ ~la~~N~It:nf:~:lI, SInh tOll]'[laments !leem to b~ ph"l1om~nOIl' Allllll ;\l,try S~l"",· "uy to ttt<' 1"1' Til" III'h' I"'''~'I' ~ ., the thIngs of tllLns~ at Ihe g-ym· de, of IhE' ~Ixlh hou, fr",;hliwil mino, 11]",' ])".,,,1> .. , s, "r (;<ttltll., \\',.~,

at Herrin Hlglt ~choo1. were the I Wedlle~day ~"e.nln!!;. May 22. g1ven j bl f I Ii h

:.~~i~~~~~~~;I~f?~f:~:~~ ~~~.~~~~~:? i~~;~:;f:;:~;J£~~;;~:i~~:;~~i"t~~€::J~·:,~I:·"::.·:·.":·.: ..... :: .•. 1111' athletes 10 Ihe l\1ll,ulll banquet. son. Yell Queen. Mary Ellen Evans. llick at (be (alllons cupId game of

IIPI'e th"y a'·E' told about Southll'l'll III chllinnan or Girls' Rally CommlttcO): ~~~~~t~I~~ d;.rt~: Ir~::I~:~u:D:o~~e~~ twirling .;I~!l~:"I~;:k[)(~h~:::.,lr ... ;,I~'t;}; ~:Ii:\II,.' :~JI:'" i ::;:,:;d ,I'I~ 'I:':::'" , ';'I~' ",I:: ,::,1:1",:',:,,,1:' ::::

rWllcl'nl alld the phySloal ~dll,.aIlOllland Chsl'les Pardee. ei·Royll:l DuJo:e poss!hll' /)111 tn/!: 111(' f"lId:!i tpllni .. l1latlll 11(", t h'l .. n<1l1l'·1 1'1111 11.' I _"II" I" ",", d'."llttl·t]l1ClI! ill pal·tkulal'. tflu,; en· or Southern Knights. k' ! ! ~oll;.a~[]l::'l,gO.Jd Illhleles to cOllie 10 Minor I'all)' iellel'S wen' Pl'e$ented "Lady Luck" Tournament \Y)dt·h .... 11,,5 /lalit's altd :\"t~1 ,:,,:,',', '~H"T\~~''':tllll,I~~''~;~,~~~II.',11 "h:::,~'~' I" III' ;'~'Il.":'"

,tD thO) thirteen memb~rs of the GIrls' Featured 'n ArChery 214 d .. n l'UII~(, tlHl1 'erhresltocs aflel "I, lhp )",II"IJI1 101]",<1" In Ill, II'" ",.0) ,1",,1.1, ,'" --,----- 1 RaJly CommIttee and minor yel~ lead· lIlll;S Da\'ieb has heen condul'tln.e: >I pl;;hlh gam .. III Ih£' t"'~l ~<'I TIl<' (lJ' :J"III \\'I,u kli1]\\b' "H' llId} I,,· II, 'If". ,I" I"'''''' 11.,

Southern Ar eslsoltlthjii. .el· II'I len we)'e pI'eaented .to !lve of nOYel arl'llery tournaml?nt In 111.'1 :!;tjI'Joinf:" l"am waard «I [h .. 1o l>a~ .. I"""llt·\1 'ItHIlIII. Tt.. , .. I"M'" '" I.", _"'II' . ',. go.. ... IMIS" F'\llkel'sons assistants: Verlfne ,Ia"~p~ fel' Ih .. pas I wpek. Instead 0<'1101 thr lla .. I('~·~I{'r<:€', (a('t,on t"l ----~,-- • ,', 'VI{,h Concor~l~ Debaters '\f'teh~)'. AII<'e :IIathl". Allen Watlion lh., glds ShODlillg ", a "e!;,,,1allOll ta, ~~I\'I', how~\'''r Ill .. oilly lhmit 1t",T, ' • ',I",j..oj Ill"" ,I·,~ "1,,,,,.01 'I"

In Non-DeciSIon Contest iJnll1N' Ha',],ls. filld Jol1JI Pel'~nch'o <;(,I tile), al", th"'h d"row~ the.y lawII 1'.1 ('ptl'd thell Py~S were (I",) Ilt'"d,' Volunteer Ban,d of B. :-:i. l. I \\ I,. "I ,I" "",1 1.1' t '" ,"

l,u,iI'tl <In,'hll ball for the win· I Il,gil "Oil nn Moml"y

:'-1'11'" I'll j", <JII!\O' '11'> Ill~ r/l" '1'11\ "I \'0, ('11 Y "I, I,

'It ,." "',,,",I ,,,,,IIli"

,"'.) 11" h .• dln..: hilt .. "

1.1,'1' .-; I 011 "II I " PI' ~

II" h..'I'! .. ' 1'1.1 I,ll"

-- I Anl'l' .'lll'al·dlng or Il'IlelS and nOl whe",,'. 10\' Ih~ 11l1lnb",'s 011 ct hol,blll/!: (III <lull down m ''Dnfor~tI"p'l Presents MUSical Program )1'1,,11, ." ,II ". "J,:" 1.,_ "J ,I" I Th~ SOlllhc.n dehH(p 1;I]ua(1 argllet' swpnt~r~. Ill'. (;l'JlNlI\lUl WIIS presenl ~9\1an: honl'd nre In\'i~lhle to L1w art II· Altl'1 <I fe'l llllllUlpS !llal ~I·~ll,,·d, at IJu Quoin Church I ,"", ,If.," \, I' I:, ,,,'I' I" ]'., 1']" 1';,,1'1'.:

II", Jlolky of iSDlatioll with twilled wltll a lleautlf\11 !lold \\"atcl~ In al)' N>I. PrOl1llsl'IWl1s1)' llrlangl'd 011 lh" ('t('III1I.1 for Btlil'. )ll~s Dul'lt's u'ld _~_ ~ :,., '10, ",,' " , , ! ii:~:' [}f,:~~;=;i~~~:m:~t J::


:::~~:::,::~'~:;~' :1~~;;~~~:'~;:~~"o:::"::: :.~~:;:,t;~:;:~j;~:~~;:::E\'f.;:;:;,:~; j':;~ ~:g:~~~;~:~ij'::[~':':::['O ,~:':"~:',: ': i :::'?"[ ::,','::[;:::~:,:"[::',,:~':::::::i:;:::~:::,, ~ ",,,, .. """ " '" ,:' " ~:,':'" c, naiflh NOlton and Allen Burhat1ill1. '«'on' I~ a "",nel' of hl,k, howeye,·. "H.)\\' <lhl )'Oll pronOllllOl' 1101"" Sllllli,'1 "'I'il',- \1,'" I", II Steve Krl'sfalusy Is '\ \ .'. .. .............. ~

artLnnatJ\'e, lind Wellle}, Reruolds Four B Y P U Groups Ihe !lIds Ihat aI'lUally hll Lhe boa,,j "Hu"""" .\I.l'ld.I>w .... lo ;(Iul Qllentm F'ile, negative. spoke I •••• • • _ ,·o"sl~tc"tl) <.10 .. en'J\·c a hll;:h ll<"OI'e '·Ju .. t l,k., K""I,"'kiane' \Yf \-", 'YI' I ',<II I. Chosen Presl'dent of fOI SUlllherll Dr She-nnll]' BIll'llesl. Have Sprmg Picnics TIH' \\l1ln~l~ ot til€' Tue.'!dHY (oml'r· 10 n,k -.-~-- how sht· I' 1J,~10

l'el'l'~:;ellted tll~ hr.;\llty commltLue ~j~:~~I" :~:~/~;:I:.::~ ~~::~;;nw;~~h ~~t~ nO'''~~~I~; '1\.' ~h,. I '0111 J\~IlI", ky" . .' .".<1 \h Amelican Student Union ~I"~:" 11\' 1I1"~""'·· . • - - .. Fon, 01 th:. n Y l' I'" of I;" ]0;10('11 1':111 >lhot" IDI1!1d of~. tll'hldl1l~ "01 "tltl~'·. :':11:1\0;11(>('[0\\'])'" ,I Lead'ng H,tlers

NEED A CAB IT,all1ll1~ 11"01\ "d"pa,I",,"u! 01 lhl -1'( lillI'''''. f~OIlI the IOllt'llllnll'nl dl' Oh ,,!'ll .\II"'~ l)a\'If>~ h(l~lIT II"'I~ )1, .l.,,,.. )'1 I,)'K,

;::~ISf~~' tI:,l:~1 ,~Itl;~:~~ f~~:,:'I~;~ :;le:I~~~ 'an,'e Qf ~U yard~. III SoU11ll'rtI 11lh10I~ "u 1"1.1 1,,",:: I II,,~:.:I I:"~.,,, ]'." I ),t" "k 1\.]'1>.,.


Call 68 leIIow Taxi Cabs

Day or Night SeHice

...... _t .

Th" (I nloll " Illt'lIlE! phnk, NOYlce~ MOlten Skills 1,.1 J1'I.r\, :" .,]... .'1 'I" I: ,.. I \\PI(, Splll~eoli. liudson LamMin to ~em'·F'nal'1Y YMCA NOM;":,J::,!;'TES 'II_

aile! Hn!lll ,Of Ihl' thlrt .... ll 1(11'19 "III""'d IT) )10, I 'FALL TERM OFFICERH \II'~ 1.",,1,· )'111""

,,~~:[" ,,:', ::,':: [:"::~:;~::,,~i:::':::' ,,',["':: ;;,[:',:,::::i;·:~':::::,J?;;~~:~~~,~~l::E~ 'I '"[.',',',',\",II',~,[,, '!;,',",',',':I,',.',,,,~,,,:::·,,',:,;',[;,:,;',:,.'t ;,: 1[','.:;.:',:, : :i,:":,:' :".'::::':".':'1 \ ~"I' I' .'~ Illr TI nlllmg L'nlotl I'Pl'r.. _ ~

8(>lItllll,,' ",I tl1" H S I' ('01111(·11 IIP.\1 "P(']" 111"1"1,,,,," 1",",lrl",.1 (l",,1 \1, DENIM.GINGHAM HOP •••.•• i n,,,I.· 1."Oj 0:.10.,,1' .• ,,,1 lhIDu"h01lr Till.., 11('~1 .. ,11001 y,'111

Acivanced Player~ 11.1("<1 fla'lI~ t"','~II"""

Take The,r Tuo:-n , F.I(', lion 11111 I,.. h,ld T'I('~(j,I) \I,. :',:~;::,I,',"'.~,,::",\.',::I;I':::::"'I\"i : vI ~":~:, ';lv'"t.:II~~I~·L i'~::~I: 1,1: 11:,r.:~ ~;":l /,~:;. I.~:p i~:,: ::;; ,'~'~:: 1"1'" ,I~':":, 111I:t~ I'n\;~: ,',\1:.'" " ,.r! I,.,

[ Ch I ~""L, I

I (' tfJIll'lhllll"I,1 I, Itdul; 'Ilil off UIlIY __________ [ [_

'11 shlj:;lo' '()llllll'lItlUlI, , ....... ",,"h II, II" ,10.,,1, "I ,h,

I ~r;o~~:Z'::n:'t~;:" 1(1, 1·",j,ll, I"::;'I'\~':~':I'I'I'~,,-',I:~' \":,~':::' \[0.,., I ""<t,.,I,'

'rh I I I 1" :,. "1111 1",1. 11"- I"~, 1111.: .

i, "":":"":"'~'[':dl~.":,::I'~I~,,[,::,O:;[,,,,:,:.,,:,:,:'I:::1' .. I:~:'. ;'1':" 'J ",:':LII:"::;~~I"::III~"':~::~"'''';'I'': '::1,11::::'1 'I"'" I, 11,1,. ~ .• " r [LIIIl')- I,. ",", iI''''o'. ", 11" "", .. ", I 11<1 _,nd 10"1' I 11', ,1 1,.,~' r

I P3ddle-Tenoll~ Tilkes ;::'~I:LI17iL':I:;I':::'~:'~III,~,I,:~~PI'I('~~',~:';,:,:,J~ ~I:.~:',::~I--------·-'·-"·-"-Gym by Dorm

~·ht· Il .. ~"e .. hot"~, 'oJl{lu ling '·O!LI:":~.I.II I,.,ddl .. 1(.""h-1jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ......... iii:

iiir ==:'::::::"1 ,",,' ,,, ""''',,' "'''' , DR. SIT T E R I. phni' t>ll [,akp R!(I;::"'I;I~ [," ,'II~~ .'1,

• • • "Fragrance

,Ia~~~~ Il' \' I


COACH LINE Busses to He1'l'in, Ma~ion, Harrisburg, 'Vest Franl<­

fort, Chl'istopher. Busses for Special

Occasions Ear1 Throgmorton. Prop,

Pllone 192·X


Quality Groceries and Meats

BERRY'S "601 W. College Phone 2~6

II eadquarters" HANK'S flloshio.n~~ .. o~ Su~. BrHze' skirting ••. ~" Aten fafj,ic

•.• soft u lnantung, fub"~bro as"coHon, w1'inkfi,-rosi5tant , .... ~--'r, .



el far more e){pensive fllbrics. Slze~ 12 fa to. $7.QS

THE 'LEADER Virginia Bldg. Carihmdale. m.




~UMMER eomJon stmls at yOU! skin Jockey'. krut lab· lICS absorb and eHlpofcl~

peIsp,rolloIl, and 101 your "Inn br(Jathe. Tcy Ih .. m lor cool summer ~o~!or! -and

os a boll"'> gel Ibe adva:n' COg~5 01 masculine support; Ir ... edomtl:rom1;>I!.I~,bind.a:ntl EqulIJrun<;l; end b .. uon!., ... eOllvS!Ili(JIl.CG. In Vartou.~ lab· nea <:Ind 1"'9 lengths, WIth Jockey Conloured Shirts to tII<;Itcli, We bava ycwc ijl:ZO.

Ori9,"al"d end Ma,,~fcc1~fed



." !

The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - &middot; PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (6)

J,::"ery day people the wo~l"~ over stop a mo­DlJ=.Q.t; ... ~njpy an ice-cold Co<",· Cola ... and go their way again with a hapl/'Y ~ft~r-sellse ~f compl~te 1;c{reshment. The pause that refres"es is a JieaJ, ~'l, rc~y re· freshil,lg, , "'of _

'H' f P A USE \1 H'AJ

!?\lIU«! ~Ild~r ~u'hgr;IY orTh<: C::ox.·CuLa Co. bY

Carbondale 'Coca· Cola Bottiillg Co .. Inc. RhDno 180.

Better Cleaning ~Costs£ess!


, ,r.,,,'III'~

School Girl Sodd/es lor GJ"'own-Ups Too!

, \ Ilu~ <Ie'" Ked"u,", S."'dl,, ~ BI.' a ~(hOQl girl "iil.Jl1 ,~

\ ! Ox(<>~d AC1,"e ~flor!~ .:oRl so.... fort lot ,,"cry on.}IOn

'""' .... babl".

The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - &middot; PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (7)

-"S~~~~~.'~~' ". =:=~~:.:' '-,r


EXPECT LARGE TURN.OUT NEXT Sincel the NVA, checkli for tt'U~ MONDAY month. 'of May will not be ready fG~

mailing IoIntil .Hcr achool III o~t. It The final meeting 01 the local chap· 18 Impcriilltivc that the $t ... dent Em- 1.

tcr of Fuh.<re Tea:chel"l (If Anterlco!! ploymenl Service have th~ 'SUMMER

will be held next Monday evell~n9 ~~~~,t~.Of D:~P stl:~t~ne(>nOf~~:e Na:~, CIt 8:00 p. m. in room 213 Moaln BUild- lellvi YDur SUMMER address aa 500n

Ing. Invitations have been I!l<tendeui all posslble.

to outltandlng members of thl, term's __ .

Educatloll classes who seem to ex_ t NOTICE!

hlblt or p'~ofestJon .. 1 Interest In teach-I an~b:I,IJ'k:' :~~t b:e:~'t;~~U~~~rdtQ:~~

;::' :aeJ~;c:u;po:::C~~1 :~:U:~;"di:~1 ~:~:~bl~~urs, exc~pt dutin~ college

trlbution of back\ number.'; of tht I f:'FtANCES KAUL, Editor, Journal of NEA, t~ meeting wlll be _~ . • fe:lturtd by ;I lively de!>:lte on the I The firl:ll tlmesheet 'for the M:lY !:ubject, "Wh,t I Should Become A (NYA j1:lyroll should be In the Stu·

~~!!;~Se~~oo~iJ~e::::r.'~hcT:;fir~:~II~'~ I ~B\:~ ;~~IO:::~t .J~~~Vi;.t office not side, while tWQ student, will IIphold the negative a'peet or this Issue. , •

;:::::'=======::='::"::::=iIMH: Rimes Is .

ST' VB-. -NT Speaker AI YWCA A Meeting Tuesday


Fr6sty Malts .. 5 and 10c

Giant Milk Shakes. . .10c

Coney Islands .. . 5c

All Other Sandwiches 10c


Dlu' New Addition Is

Open to bettel' Sfl"Ve our


With A

Dance Floor Phone 411-01d Un,v. Cafe Bldg.

i\lI'II. M"ry I.olli~e Bal'Bes, ot 1I1P. home e('onoml(,11 deptlJ:tmenl, w:fs lhe ~per.lker nl the YW(,A Illl"etillJ: 1 nlgllt 111 tll(' Olr\ Sdf'Il~f'

hulhllnlt. Shp spoke l>n llip rt'Ic.IlQr 'het ..... eE'1I (lIe! nn<1 P"I'SOll;;11 uI'I"·:u··

anee. AI n "'l IJIIslnes~ meetlnll; Jlr ....

i ceillu~ tht' ta1k the f"lllul'l'lng rom· 'll\itU'eg were .IlIlTl6lnted pror:rllln­

Jlllle M.ngness. Jell.nnel1 J{.1mlltoll. Pat L.m. NOI·mn. /11"1'101}; membpl"

Ii ",\<>-U""",,,·· Lill, Edltll VhIYll.rd;'· ~oda.l~Jell.rmell Humillon: p\\hll~lty

-Nol'ma "[ortun, Doris. Morton: soC"

I tal ~I'n'l=~~,.!",e Rober~H.

iBap~ist Student Union -I I Has R'E cord Attendance 1---·

.J. n!'1I" I"f>. 01"!1 of l:lr, w .. ~ ~I'l IOSII 'Tl111I·3dl.lY, ~[ay H In Ow noonday plaYf>1 nwf>iIl'1:" or Ill\' [lop,i"" Sill'

dent l'lIion I Although II,,' nOOnd;l)' prayl'l" Illl'el' ,lul': IUl~ of len had an utlE'1Idall"e of i neddy 101) ul1<1n!; Ib~ yea.'. 13G j~ 'Ihf' lal'llesl nUll\her p~t to auenu AI· I though IllO:.t Of .hl>~1! IIreSl!ll\ Wt""P

mell1hoPl~ of th .. unit orgallizations Of I the nOflll~l Stud!"nl l'nlon. u ~ lHlllltwl of .\! e t hod 1111 ~ "f'r P U 1.'0 f{,lIt



232 FOR

Fast; Free DeJivery Service



We Have Space Reserved On South Side Of Theatte For




Varsity Drugs Y ARSITY THEM'ltt BLDG_

Cheste 'AMERICA '$ ~tiSlEsr



DEFINITELY MILDER SMOK~ The one aim of Che!(terfield

is to give· you more Sq>1oking pleasure, And no cigarette gives smokers such complete smaking enjoym~nt as you get from Chest­erfield, with its Definitely Milder, Cooler, Better Taste_

The best cigarette tobaccos Ibal grow in Tobaccoland j U. S, A, and in far-away Turkey and Greece are com­bined right in Chesterfield to give smokers everything ihey could ask for. I! yo" want real smoking $atisfaction , •. make YO'lr nexl pack Chesterfield.

Continuous Daily 2:30-11:15

Midnight Show FRIDA y, .MAY 24th


ADM, 40c



"ON THEIR OWN" Cartoon and Serial

Adm. Sat. 10 & 25('



;'l!lt)' and News Adm. Sundar 10 & 30c



"THE GHOST COMES HOME" Vitaphone Novelty








The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 - &middot; PDF fileSouthern Illinois University Carbondale OpenSIUC May 1940 Daily Egyptian 1940 5-24-1940 The Egyptian, May 24, 1940 Egyptian Staff - [PDF Document] (2024)


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